Hi, I’m Jamie...

I tell it like it is.

At 16 I failed a drug test due to anorexia.

At 22 I competed for the US in the Olympic Games. 

I started yoga to move. Yoga moved me.

I've played with the ball of perfection for most of my life. Until, one day I decided to drop the ball.

Best decision I've ever made. 


Yoga + Advocacy:

I share empowering and heart-full yoga classes, mentorship, ED recovery workshops and trainings for real people. 

My classes are strong vinyasa flow, rooted in self-acceptance, humility and JOY. I weave together profound personal experience with my psychology background, delivering moving insights that will move you. My offerings are always heartfelt with TONS of room for laughter!

You’ll groove, you’ll smile and you’ll feel lovingly at home in your body. 

Join me!

Other things:

 working on being human


 2006 Olympian
 Owner- The Grinning Yogi
 Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate
 Mamma (Yay!)
 Wannabe Vegan Chef
 Sweatpant afficanido

What people are saying about Jamie:

"Jamie ... is phenomenal. She's an empowering person to start, and she really knows how to put together a great class. Some of my biggest physical and mental breakthroughs were in her classes. She's funny, authentic, and she understands the body and the energy of the class.  Even if I come in to a class not feeling comfortable or ready to flow, I surrender to her instruction and she gets me to that place of yoga. She leads each class with an intention that however small, always makes me reconsider my outlook on things. I've taken Jamie's classes when I need a laugh, a cry, or for just some reassurance that things will be alright. " - Allison T.

"Jamie is a seasoned professional, something that I wouldn't have believed possible for someone so young if I hadn't witnessed her ingenuity and brilliance first-hand. She's the perfect blend of supportive and responsive without coddling. She will help you get wherever you want to be. She is Magic." - AJ H.

"Jamie is hands down one of the warmest, most welcoming yoga instructors on this fine earth!" - Andrea S. 

"Jamie is a huge part of why I have a yoga practice that nourishes and supports me. Her ability to hold a space that allows practitioners to be and love themselves, however they show up in that moment, is SECOND TO NONE. I'm grateful for her kind and kick-ass teaching." - Natalya P.

"Jamie whose snarky, sassy teaching style makes me feel like I am getting a physical workout, a therapy session and a comedy show all in one. Jamie's willingness to honestly and vulnerably share her own human experiences with her students makes me feel like I have permission to be authentic when I show up to one of her classes. She seamlessly blends the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, and I love that I don't have to leave any part of myself at the door. I have only been practicing yoga for about 7 months, but it has been life-changing for me. I have never felt more connected to my body..." -Katie R.

Jamie is a US Olympian, E-RYT 500, Studio Owner / Director: The Grinning Yogi, CHC.

She has trained with Manorama, Laughing Lotus NYC, Sheri Celentano, Richelle Ricard, Jonny Kest and notable others. Additionally, Jamie regularly speaks about Eating Disorder Recovery and has presented at: The Renfrew Conference, Cornell University, Erin Leah Robarge Memorial Conference. Jamie's writing is featured on numerous national blogs and she has a chapter coming out in Carolyn Costin's new Yoga + Eating Disorders book (Routledge, 2016).

Jamie graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University and is a member of the Zgirls Athlete Advisory Board, Lululemon Alumni Ambassador + IAM Ambassador.

For more information or to book Jamie email her here.